Little Hearts of Hope is a Christian non-profit ministry designed to support children in a home where a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer. Whether it is a parent or a sibling, these healthy children with a sick loved one need a special kind of support. Little Hearts of Hope comes along side families to bring that support and to help strengthen family bonds.

We Provide Monthly “Hope Packages”

Families sign their children up for a one year program where the healthy children in the home will receive a package once a month. Every month the theme of the package is a different emotion that is very common for children going through a traumatic experience such as this. Each package will contain all of the materials needed to do the activities and a letter to the parents on how to help their child with that particular emotion. The activities are based in play and art therapy. These packages are portable enough that they can be done anywhere and anytime that is convenient for the family. The kids in the program look forward to getting their package every month. The best part is that there is absolutely no cost to the families!

We Provide Prayer Support

Cancer is a family affair. When someone in a family is diagnosed with cancer everyone suffers. Children in the home tend to take a back seat to the needs of the sick family member.  Little Hearts of Hope provides support through prayer for any and all members of the family and walks alongside them through this very difficult journey.

We Provide Resources

Little Hearts of Hope also supports children by connecting families with resources in and around their area. The resource page on our website is continually growing and changing. Check back often to see what is new.